Simulation services

FullRank Software provides your company with high resolution hydraulic fracture models to optimize treatment design and reduce uncertainty. Typical applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Well spacing optimization
  • Landing zone optimization
  • Cluster spacing optimization
  • Uncertainty quantification

We will work with engineers and geophysicists to create the fracture models exactly based on the demands of client. A comprehensive report on the simulation results will be submitted upon completion.

Why use this service?

Unlike many other service of this type, which rely on a dozen simulations, FullRank Software has the technical capability of running thousands of simulations of your reservoir in a short amount of time. Instead of hinging your expectations of your investment on a few simulations with coarse numerical grid spacing and , you can quantify the probabilities of outcome of the treatment from thousands of high resolution simulations. Using this service helps you stand out against the competition and secure capital resources for your project more easily.

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